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What about Tribal Tattoo Designs? Tribal Tattoos are one of the first tattoos made by men. Many cultures throughout the world have at one time or another practised tattooing: the decoration of the body by puncturing the skin in a specific design andinserting an indelible pigment. Also Celtic Tattoos are very popular. Celtic Tattoo Designs is originated from Scotland and nord England.

Other great tattoo designs are Butterfly Tattoo Designs - Dragon Tattoo Designs Lower Back Tattoos - Flower Tattoo Designs - Buttefly Tattoos - Dragon Tattoos

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There are many different types of designs today and it's always hard to find that one unique tattoo design that you know you want. I always recommend to take a henna tattoo at first or some temp tattoos, this way you can check if you like the feeling of the new design on your body.

Angel-Tattoos-Body-Tattoos - Angels are very strong iconic figures in many cultures (as well as many other winged creatures) - Body tattoos are becoming increasingly popular all around the world, and the craze seems to show not way of slowing down

Irish Tattoos - Irish tattoos are in a field all their own. They are tattoos that are not just for the regular citizens that want to look good or rebellious